Auto Accident

An auto accident is, all on its own, a stressful and often very painful situation. If you have recently been involved in one, you are probably also concerned about the pressure of working with insurance companies—added to the already distressing situation of recovering from injuries you may have suffered and attempting to repair your car.

If you were the victim in an automobile accident, you should consider whether a car crash attorney might be able to assist you in recovering money to pay for the damages you have suffered, as well as to compensate you for the pain and trauma of the car accident.

If an accident is serious enough to cause severe injuries—or death—and also in cases where alcohol was a factor involved in the accident, it is likely that the state will prosecute the driver at fault. In all other incidents, however, you as the driver along with your insurance company, will be required to handle the details of medical bills and car expenses. All too often these issues are resolved in court, because there are discrepancies and multiple accounts and other factors that come into play. An auto crash attorney will be much better qualified than you could hope to become, in the short time available for preparing a case.

Causes of Automobile Accidents

While every accident is a unique situation, there are common factors that are involved in car accidents more frequently. Distracted drivers are the most common culprits of an accident; particularly drivers who text while driving in recent years. Texting while driving is not the only distraction, however. Some other common distractions include playing with the car stereo, watching scenery or “rubbernecking” at a passing accident, and paying attention to other passengers.

Drowsy drivers are another common cause of car accidents. An experienced car crash attorney will tell you that drowsy drivers are every bit as dangerous as a driver who is intoxicated—whether they are drowsy due to sleep deprivation, a long drive, or a heavy meal, their state makes it difficult for them to react as quickly as they should. Of course, drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs are another frequent culprit of car crashes.

Drivers who act recklessly, including drivers who are exceeding the speed limit, or who are driving aggressively—tailgating, ignoring traffic signals, changing lanes often, and the like—are an unsurprising cause of accidents every year. And of course, the weather plays a role in accidents as well; rain, snow, fog, sleet and wind can all compromise vulnerability as well as driver control, leading to spinouts and other accidents.

Any victim of a car accident, whether they are a driver, passenger, bystander, or even the spouse of an injured person, is entitled to compensation from the other driver, the owner of the car, and even the driver’s employer—under certain circumstances—in order to pay for damages to your car. In addition, auto crash attorneys will inform you that you are often entitled under law to compensation for future medical bills as a result of the accident, as well as potentially punitive damages; these are designed to punish the other driver for his or her actions.

In the event that the other driver’s insurance company contacts you, remember that you are not required to provide them with any details other than your basic contact information. You should also not allow them to pressure you to provide them with an immediate description of your injuries. A personal injury attorney specializing in car accidents can provide you with a great deal of help in negotiating a settlement, as well as providing support if the case does come to an actual trial.

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